Lightroom Presets Pack: Minimalist 01

Examples of the Minimalist 01 Lightroom presets being used on my own imagery that I post to my Instagram.

This collection includes 21 custom preset styles that are organized into 4 different categories. Interiors, Minimal Tech, Objects and Workspaces.

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These are the exact Lightroom presets I use on my Instagram to get that very clean minimalistic look. You can easily use these presets as a base and add your own customizations to your liking.

The presets are organized into 4 different categories all with different editing style variations.

– Interiors: Variations include white, black, lightwood, dark tan, earth green tones and orange primary tones.

– Minimal Tech: Variations include white, black, silver/gray, Skin-tones

– Objects: Variations include white, black, silver/gray, orange primary tones.

– The Workspace: Variations include white, black, dark tan, extra-light

I’m Andres — Minimalist visual web UI/UX web designer, photographer & content creator.
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