The Credit Card, Designed By Apple

As expected from a company who has won fans from all over the world with popular products such as the iPhone, MacBook Pro and more recently the AirPods, Apple has done it again by designing a beautifully minimal credit card made of a strong alloy titanium with a perfectly laser etched Apple logo, name and no card number or CVV.

The card also comes with an intuitively designed iOS app that can be accessed from the wallet app and syncs all of your transactions in real-time, includes a rewards system that provides daily cash back up to 3 percent, spending data and a smart pay now and pay later experience that Apple is hoping will encourage users to pay off their balances quicker to avoid interest fees.

Like most new credit cards trying to break into the market, the Apple card also includes no annual fees, international fees, fees for making a late payment or fees for exceeding your credit limit.

You can read more about all the credit details here. Let’s move on and dig into the design of the card.


The Apple Card arrived soon after approval within the app. As expected, the unboxing experience was simple and intuitive just like any other Apple product.

The Apple Card arrived in this beautiful all white envelope

View of the Apple Card envelope after arrival

In order to activate the card, I had to open the wallet app and place it near where the credit card which was placed inside the envelope.

Inside of the Apple Card envelope showing instructions to active card

Similar to the unibody manufacturing process that Apple starting using with the original MacBook Air and 2nd generation MacBook Pro back in 2008, the Apple Card is carved from a single block of titanium. Unlike traditional methods where two pieces of metal or plastic are bound together.

With a weight of 14.7 grams, the card feels solid, durable and unbreakable.

Close up holding the brand new Apple credit card

Because titanium has a low longitudinal elasticity, the card can be bent quite a bit before it snaps back into its original form. The metal is also quite resistant to most forms of corrosion.

The card is covered in a white coating before the edges and markings get engraved by revealing the raw metal underneath.

Angled close up shot of the new Apple Card

The front side of the new Apple Card made from 1 solid block of titanium

The back of the card is just as beautiful and minimal as the front. With the magnetic strip flush with the bottom of the card, Engraved markings of the issuing bank Goldman Sachs logo and Mastercard’s new logo designed by Pentragram in 2016.

Back side of the new Apple Card, showing Goldman Sachs logo and Mastercard engraving

The App

With all the simplicity of the cards design, the app is just as beautiful.

It’s easy to track recent transactions, weekly/monthly/yearly spending and real-time transactions are faster than any other app I’ve used.

View of the Apple Card iOS app, accessible through the iPhone wallet

Overview of Features

– Strong, durable card cut from a single block of titanium

– Engraved name with concealed numbers

– Spend tracking, clear transaction labeling through the iOS app, accessible through the iPhone wallet app

– Privacy focused credit card experience

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